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Have you been arrested or charged with a crime?  Are you afraid of the consequences a criminal conviction can have on your work or social life? Are you in need of a Lake Tahoe Defense Attorney? Contact a lawyer today!  The complexities of the criminal justice system should not be navigated alone.  Make sure your rights are protected and you are getting the best possible outcome to your case.

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What My Clients Are Saying

  • My brother was facing three felony charges, one of which carried a sentence of twenty-five years to life. Adam got the charges reduced to a probationable offense, and my brother never had to serve a single day in prison. Adam Spicer is an amazing attorney! He is intelligent, and compassionate, and supportive; he cares a lot about his clients, and about what he does. I don't know how our family would have made it through this horrible ordeal without him.

    Beth A.
  • When it comes to successfully navigating the criminal justice system having an attorney that understands the workings of the local system is key. Adam Spicer is just that attorney. He knows the people, the system and most importantly the law. If you are facing criminal charges in South Lake Tahoe Adam Spicer should be your first call!

    T, San Francisco CA
  • Working with Adam on a project showed me the serious attention to detail he has which is refreshing. He is motivated, knowledgeable and passionate in what he does. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

    Anthony Howard SEO Consultant
  • I hired Adam to handle a matter that was frivolously filed against me. Adam made two trips to Roseville and was ultimately able to help me prevail. He handed the case with great forethought and made sure both my witnesses and I were totally ready for court. I would definitely hire Mr. Spicer again and recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney.

    Nick Phillips
  • I hired Attorney Adam T. Spicer for a minor case that really should not have resulted in me getting a citation. Mr. Spicer was able to handle the whole matter without me ever stepping foot in a courtroom. Thanks for the great work!

    Charley K.
  • Adam Spicer assisted me with the utmost professionalism and personal attention. Although I am not a Lake Tahoe local, he provided me with the information I needed promptly via email or telephone in order to for me to take care of my legal needs most efficiently. Adam's knowledge of the legal system, clear guidance, and friendly interpersonal style made handling my legal business much more manageable. I would definitely contact him with any legal questions in the future!

    Erin S.
  • Adam Spicer provided me with extremely well informed guidance in my case involving a number of felony charges, as well as the plea and appeals processes. I wish I had contacted him from the onset, and will do so if the need ever arises in the future. He is knowledgeable, gracious not to mention dog friendly:) and I definitely highly recommend him.

    Steve S.
  • Even though I did not end up hiring Mr. Spicer (because of location), he spent a lot of time explaining DUI and telling me what to expect. Thanks for answering all my questions.

  • While on vacation in Tahoe, my husband had too much to drink and ended up with several felony charges.  We didn't know what to do or where to turn.  After calling several attorneys in town, we felt the most comfortable with Adam.  He listened to our side of what happened and he was confident in handling the case when others told us there wasn't a chance.  Adam has been there for us every step of the way.  He was even able to get the felony\'s reduced to a single misdemeanor.  We appreciate Adam.  He has done so much to help our family!

    Becky V.
  • Adam did an outstanding job in handling my friend's case in Lake Tahoe.  He is an expert in practicing law in the states of Nevada and California.  Adam was extremely helpful and professional. His flexibility also allowed my friend to settle his case in the way he wanted and without showing up to court at all. After working with him, you will find that he cares about his client and always willing to go the extra mile.  My friend and his family was grateful to have Adam to work on the case. Most importantly, after comparing his rate to other law offices in the Lake Tahoe area, you will find that Adam offers the most competitive rate.

    Rachel C.
  • Although I did not end up hiring Adam and represented myself, I would recommend him for any criminal defense trouble in CA or NV. He is very knowledgeable and informative and thoroughly knows the law. I would have been much more confident and less terrified with his representation but surprisingly things turned out better in my favor than expected. I am appreciative of his free consultation with follow up and answers to my questions. He would definitely be the first one to call (but hopefully I wouldn't have to) for any legła cases up here in Tahoe.

    Olga H.
  • We were extremely pleased with the representation that Adam provided in our legal matter - the outcome was the best we could have hoped for. We initially compared several South Lake Tahoe attorneys, had phone conversations with two, and then chose Mr Spicer. After observing his performance in Court (alongside some other local lawyers), there's no doubt we made the right choice. Of course, we hope to never need his services again, but we would highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in need of a good criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer in South Lake Tahoe. He's licensed in both California and Nevada, which is rare and gives you an idea of how hard working he is. As for rates, his hourly and flat fee were almost exactly the same as another attny we spoke to, while his trial rate was just half! If there's anything negative I can mention, it's this: keep in mind that he's probably one of the best in Tahoe and quite busy; sometimes he's in court most of the day, so be patient for a callback. Definitely top notch representation, and we're very glad we found him.

    Reid R.
  • I contacted two lawyers after being arrested for reckless driving. One of them was clearly bullshiting me, and the other was Adam T. Spicer. The first thing he did was to explain to me the situation I was in, what were the consequences, and how to minimize them. Five minutes into the call I already knew that he was the right person to hire. The least I can say is that I was not disappointed. In fact his work was outstanding and the results were beyond my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone without second thoughts. I would also add that Adam doesn't work FOR you, he works WITH you, meaning that he consults you before making decisions and will listen to your opinions and concerns. This goes a long way to build trust as well as a solid defense. On top of that he offers reasonable rates (lower than his peers) so I won't think twice about hiring him again if I ever get in trouble. Thank you Adam!

    John S.
  • Adam did an outstanding job in handling my brother's case in Lake Tahoe. He is an expert in practicing law in the states of Nevada and California. Adam was extremely helpful and professional. His flexibility also allowed my brother to settle his case in the way he wanted and without showing up to court at all. After working with him, you will find that he cares about his client and always willing to go the extra mile. My brother and the family was grateful to have Adam to work on the case. Most importantly, after comparing his rate to other law offices in the Lake Tahoe area, you will find that Adam offers the most competitive rate.

    Nick K.
  • Mr. Spicer is a professional.  He has extensive knowledge of litigation and the process.  I had a consultation with him and he gave me all the answers I was looking for.  He had already spent time on following up what I had told his secretary.  He gave me his advise and didn't charge me even though I offered to.  If I was ever to need another lawyer he will be the first one I call.

    Ben H.
  • While my son was living in Tahoe he found himself facing DUI and felony charges after partying one weekend. We needed to find a good attorney to help with the felony charge and searched for one in South Lake Tahoe. I checked all of their websites and read all of the testimonials and what they had to offer.  I called a few offices one of them being Adam Spicer. I was impressed with his web site and just had a good feeling about him. I went with my gut and I could not have been more right. He speaks to you in terms that you can understand and not legal gibberish that leaves you scratching your head. He was able to get the felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor, handled everything with my son never having to go to court. Adam truly cares about his clients; he has gone above and beyond to help us. I would recommend him to anyone finding themselves in need of legal counsel.  Thank you Adam for everything!

    Rose C.
  • Adam,  I want you to know that you made this whole situation easier for me. It has been extremely difficult and taxing on me. (physically and mentally). You'll never know how much of a difference you made. I sincerely appreciate every effort you made in my best interests. Thank You, Christopher

    Christopher C.
  • Hi all, got a speeding ticket? Got in trouble with the law? Mr. Adam Spicer is the man for you. Unfortunately, I got pulled over while vacationing with family in Tahoe. Don't want my auto insurance to go up, so need to get this off of my record. Unlike CA, in Nevada, you can't take traffic school to get a traffic violation off of your record and I can't drive all the way up to Tahoe to appear in court. Looked up and spoke to a few lawyers, I am very glad I settled with Mr. Spicer. He returned my phone call. He didn't charge me for our initial phone consultation. He was very patient with me on the phone. He was very honest with me and reviewed all possible scenarios so I can make an informed decision if it is worth while to hire him. He was not pushy, he gave me more time to do my due diligence. Called him back a few times, he was not available because he's in court, to me that means he is busy enough and thus experienced. But he always calls me back or at least have his staff call me with updates. His charges a flat and very reasonable fee. His was able to convince the judge beyond a reasonable doubt to reduce my violation and had his staff call me with the good news without any delay. I am more than satisfied with his service and his team. It is with eagerness that I highly recommend Mr. Spicer to represent you without any reservation.

    Stanley S.
  • As a family, we found ourselves in an unfortunate position due a DUI citation issued to our son. While being a good son, he is young and made a mistake. The rules are much more punitive than those we grew up with. Adam Spicer was incredibly effective in having our son's charges reduced. Beyond that, his "bedside manner" was comforting throughout this stressful process. He clearly articulated the calendar of events and potential pitfalls that could arise if unsuccessful. Fortunately, things worked out for the better due to his diligence. We even believe that Adam has served as a positive role model for our son.

  • I felt like I was being represented by a good friend rather than some phone book attorney. Adam and Erin really know how to make an uncomfortable situation at ease. My wife and I were charged with a list of felonies and in the end, weren't convicted of one. The entire process was made easier by hiring this man. He knows how to pull strings in this "small town" courthouse. Never once did he promise something that didn't happen. Adam followed through even after everything was over. Thank you guys so much.

    N. Wheeler
  • Adam is a very knowledgeable and compassionate attorney and very well acquainted with the system. He was always there for me to provide knowledge on what to expect and how to get through it with minimal stress. He always answered my questions and was patience and was able to get me through the process with minimal pain. I strongly recommend him as his compassion and explanations were always there for me. Definitely five star.

  • I highly recommend Adam Spicer! During a recent trip to Lake Tahoe, I received a citation because members of my party were relaxing in a hot tub at 10:04pm. Apparently, there is a law that you cannot be in a hot tub after 10pm, but we had not been aware of it. The county's police department was very disorganized, and couldn't even tell me what the charge was. In fact, they couldn't find the ticket when I called to ask about it. I was very anxious about the charge and trying to handle it on my own from across the country. That's when I reached out to Adam for help. In our very first consultation, Adam clearly and adeptly explained the situation and mapped out a path forward. It was SUCH a relief!! From that point forward, Adam guided me through the process and completely resolved my anxiety. He always let me know about next steps and his recommended approaches. Knowing that I could rely on him to appear for me in court was such a relief. In fact, he ended up getting the charge dropped completely! If you ever have any legal matters in the area and are looking for representation, you MUST call Adam! He's a fantastic lawyer.

  • I highly recommend Mr. Adam Spicer. After our initial conference I agreed to have him represent me in my case. He was always efficient and professional in keeping me well informed of all aspects of the case.

    Mel B.

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