Nevada Drug Diversion 

Drug Court
  • NRS 453.3363 allows the Court to suspend the proceedings after a guilty plea to place an offender on probation with drug treatment and counseling conditions
  • Drug Courts meet often to supervise progress in the treatment program
  • Upon successful completion of drug treatment and probation without any violations a Defendant may petition the court to dismiss the case or reduce the charges to a lesser offense
DUI Court
  • NRS 484C.340 gives the Court authority to grant diversion in felony DUI cases
  • DUI court works the same way as drug court and allows the court to supervise a Defendant’s progress in their recovery.
  • Upon completion of the program the Defendant will receive a better outcome to their case.
Misdemeanor Cases
  • Although no statutory options exist for the diversion of misdemeanor cases there are non-statutory options available
  • These options can include consequences as simple as community service and fines and they can also include drug treatment and/or supervision through the probation department.
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