Residential Cultivation Permits – Is your indoor grow operation legal?

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The city of South Lake Tahoe is now requiring anyone who is growing marijuana with a recommendation from their doctor to obtain a permit.  The Residential Cultivation Permits will require residents in South Lake Tahoe to have to homes and their marijuana crop inspected.  The details of the program can be found by clicking here.

The residential cultivation program is mandated by City of South Lake Tahoe Ordinance 1032.  The ordinance divides the program into three phases: application, inspection and permitted grow.  The application step must be completed for all exisiting marijuana grows by December 20, 2011.  Any un-permitted marijuana grows that have not applied for a permit by December 20, 2011 will face a fine of $1000 per day.  The initial permit fee is $350 and there is an annual inspection fee of $274.60.  To obtain an application permit click here.

In order to qualify for a residential cultivation permit, you must:

  • Submit completed application.
  • Submit doctor’s recommendation for use of medical marijuana.
  • Renters must submit a notarized letter from the property owner granting permission for cultivation of marijuana on the property.
  • If the residence is a multifamily residence, each adjoining tenant must give some documentation approving of the cultivation of medical marijuana.
  • Submit three sets of plans including floor plan, electrical plan, lighting plan, ventilation plan and plumbing plan.
  • Disclose location and size of any CO devices.
  • Have an approved “grow area.”
    • The location of the “grow area” must be approved by the City Building Official and it must be inside the residence, inside a shed or inside a garage.
    • No outdoor marijuana cultivation is allowed in the City of South Lake Tahoe.
    • Maximum “grow area” is 10% of Residential Living Space (square footage not including the garage).
    • The “grow area” can never exceed 200 square feet.  All related activities (including bagging, drying, cutting, etc.) must be contained within the “grow area” of the residence.
The Law Office of Adam T. Spicer is offering FREE CONSULTATIONS to anyone in South Lake Tahoe regarding the residential cultivation permit program.  Whether you have been cultivating marijuana in South Lake Tahoe legally since 1996 or are brand new or you are a landlord wondering what your rights are, please call (530) 539-4130 to schedule your free consultation today.





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