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This past week, I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic seminar on winning DUI cases.  Topics of the seminar included field sobriety testing, chemical testing (blood, breath or urine), drug DUI’s and Drug Recognition Experts.  The seminar was taught by a retired law enforcement officer and the insight he was able to provide on officer training and tactics was invaluable.  Please read on and contact me today to see why The Law Office of Adam T. Spicer is your best choice for a Tahoe DUI Attorney.

“Winning DUI Cases” was one of the most informative continuing legal education seminars I have attended in some time.  Although each state has varying laws on DUI and DWI, the officer training is standardized across the country.  This allows defense teams across the country to strategize and educate each other on weaknesses in police cases that are seen across the country.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for training and certifying police officers in DUI investigations.  Most officers will receive their DUI Investigations and Field Sobriety Testing NHTSA training in the police academy, though some officers will train at private schools.  NHTSA also trains and certifies officers through six other courses including Drug DUI’s and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE).
A skilled DUI Defense Attorney should know the officer training materials better than the police themselves.  This will allow the defense to use those materials to show the Judge and Jury that almost all DUI arrests are highly flawed according to police standards.  Much of the evidence prosecution teams use is actually evidence that should show a Jury that the defendant was not intoxicated.  And, while many attorneys need to use expensive defense experts to show the flaws in a case, a skilled DUI Defense Attorney should be able to extract all the information necessary from the testifying officer based on his or her training materials.
After completing this full day seminar, I was invited to join the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys as a Founding Member.  Not only is this a great resource to stay current on the most important DUI trends around the country, this membership provides my office with access to a massive database of materials.  The member database includes access to all current NHTSA training manuals as well as prior editions going back as far as 1980.  No matter what training manual an officer used, I will have access to the material to prepare an effective cross examination.  The database also includes brilliantly drafted defense strategies indexed by DUI topic and numerous DUI and drug related scientific studies (many conducted by NHTSA).
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