Many more speeding tickets to be issued in all Lake Tahoe Coutnies

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Law Enforcement on both sides of the lake have stepped up their enforcement of speeding violations and other traffic offenses.  This is all in an effort by both California and Nevada to close record budget gaps.  So, don’t expect to get off with a warning anytime soon if stopped by CHP or NHP….

Tahoe Daily Tribune Article

NHP reports that since the start of 2011 they have made nearly 4,000 traffic stops.  These have all occured on Lake Tahoe’s Nevada highways – 28, 431 and 50.  Troopers have accomplished their goal of increasing police presence.  Many locals noted that NHP can be seen sitting on the side of the road almost everyday.  Of the nearly 4,000 stops made, 2,483 ended in a citation of some sort, with about 75% or 1,400 being speeding tickets.

Mountain roads can be very dangerous and that is why NHP is targeting Tahoe highways.  This year, to date, there have been 142 accidents, 3 of which were fatal.  So the most important thing to remember is slow down and be safe!  That is especially true when the roads are wet or icy.  However, if you feel that you were written a citation in error or you have a defense to your citation, then call The Law Office of Adam T. Spicer today at (530) 539-4130.  Attorney Adam T. Spicer can fight your traffic ticket in California or Nevada so call today!

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