California Court Case puts South Tahoe Pot Ordinance at Stake

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A recent turn of events at the California Appellate Court level leaves us with a decision that may invalidate South Lake Tahoe city ordinance 1032.

California’s Second District Court of Appeal ruled in Pack v. The City of Long Beach that California cities or counties that pass ordinances permitting or regulating medical marijuana may be in violation of federal law.  The court case that discusses the federal controlled substances act is likely to end up before the California Supreme Court.

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South Lake Tahoe City Council responded on Nov 15 by deciding to move forward with City Ordinance 1032.  Though the council is concerned about federal law, it felt that it should move forward with SLT 1032 until the California Supreme Court has a chance to address the issue.  If the high court does make a ruling, the City Council will reevaluate SLT 1032.

Second Tahoe Daily Tribune Article

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