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The Law Office of Adam T. Spicer is very pleased to announce that my client went home this week after a jury of her peers acquitted her of all charges she was facing.

This case began for my client back in February when she was arrested and had a bail set at $110,000.  Of course, she was not able to bail out and fought the entire case from inside the county jail.  This person always maintained her innocence to me and did not allow for any delays in the proceedings approaching trial.

A conviciton on all charges and enhancements could have exposed my client to a state prison sentence of almost 15 years.  By the time the trial started, she had been in jail for 100 days and the 5 day trial spanned over 3 weeks.  As of the day she was released, she had spent 114 days in jail, away from her family, on what I always thought was very weak evidence.

I couldn’t have been happier to see my client reunited with her family upon realease from jail.  And, of course, I was glad to see all the hard work paid off when the jury returned a verdict of not guilty to all counts.

If you have been arrested or are facing criminal charges in California or Nevada call The Law Office of Adam T. Spicer today for a free consultation.  (530) 539-4130.

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